Buy Reclaimed Wood

From time to time we need to clear space to make way for new stock or clear out partly used skids of wood. We will update this page with new offers in the table below as they come in.

We know where to buy reclaimed wood that fits our requirements on volume, quantity and price. Usually from wood auctions or from ad hoc inquiries on the website where people contact us with details of their barn, re-model or other project where salvageable wood will become available.

It takes a  lot more labor and time to surgically deconstruct a structure than to tear down a tree. This is where the primary cost in using reclaimed wood comes from. The wood must be de-nailed and checked for quality. If you’re looking to by cheap reclaimed wood for your project then sites like Craigslist are often a good starting point. It’s a little more front line than using a retailer such as ourselves or going through a designer but there are good deals to be had on those sites now and then if you’re willing to put in a  little extra work checking and milling the wood to fit your purpose yourself.

That being said we provide this section of the website as a source to buy cheap reclaimed wood. Stock on this page could be a bit more rustic than otherwise. This could mean bigger than average knots, a bit more checking on the ends of the planks or it could be that we’re just in need of more floor space at the mill. Often people want the slightly more beat up stuff, which can always be sanded or treated in such a way to bring it up to scratch.