Maple Flooring

Reclaimed maple flooring is lighter in color and has a more subtle, consistent grain. It is also very hard and often comes from basketball courts, bowling alleys and gymnasium floors. Maple’s hardness makes it suitable for commercial as well as residential settings.

Maple is susceptible to climate changes. Combined with the lighter color this can lead to spacing, where contracting wood planks in the winter contrast gaps against the lighter surface. This in theory is less of as problem with salvaged wood as salvaged wood is more stable. Still, harder woods are more prone to climate changes and are thus considered less stable.

Standard Dimensions:

Range 3 – 7” wide, 3 – 12’ long.

Stain: conventional wisdom advises against attempting to stain maple. Just use a natural, clear finish and love the lighter color. The wood is very dense and so does not absorb the stain so well. It can be done but best left to an experienced floor installer.

Uses: residential, commercial