Oak Flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring is a popular flooring choice due to its strength, beauty and relative abundance.

Oak has a strong, present grain pattern that is easy to identify.

The majority of our oak flooring is milled out of larger salvaged beams, leaving a fresh milled surface. We do sometimes also sell “original” reclaimed oak flooring which means we’ve lifted an old oak floor, de-nailed it and prepared it for sale as is (also known as “reusable” flooring).

Standard Dimensions:

Oak flooring is typically available at between 3 – 7” wide, sometimes wider and in lengths between 3 and 12’, sometimes longer. Most flooring is cut at ¾” thickness but this can be adjusted on demand.

Usually oak stains evenly and can take on light or dark colors. However, with  reclaimed wood you can expect a little more color variation.

Uses: residential, commercial