Patchwood is able to supply a range of reclaimed wood shelving options. Our assortment of woods provide flexibility on dimensions and appearance. We can supply freshly milled shelving from old beams to make them look newer (though often with the deeper colour tones that are inherent in reclaimed wood), or we can provide original face shelves for a bit more character.

Often we are also asked to price on “original face” shelving. This look is one of our favourites because it preserves the appearance of old wood that we like. We can mill the surface to provide a practical shelf unit while preserving the original face that is a glimpse into the past, with all of the beauty that it entails.

Similar to our mixed paneling, we are able to offer a unique offering in our patchwood mixed shelving. Our mixed shelving is a variety of American reclaimed wood shelves typically including but not limited to oak, pine, chestnut, fir and hemlock. Dimensions are flexible and range from 6 – 10 feet long, 1.5 -2.5 inches thick and between 6 – 12 inches wide.