Reclaimed Wood

Salvaged Wood

Reclaimed wood is favoured by architects, designers and anyone with a keen eye for quality design. In addition to having a unique aged beauty and a whole host of characteristics, reclaimed wood is superior in durability and stability. As it has aged, often for over a hundred years, it is more stable in challenging environments such as those where moisture or hot and cold variations are likely.

Imperfections that add to the aesthetic of reclaimed wood include nail holes, worm holes, saw blade marks and bolt holes.

Old growth is also higher on the janka scale as the wood is more dense, which makes it a popular flooring choice.


Patchwood salvaged wood comes from a range of sources. The majority of our inquiries ask us where they came from. When people purchase a piece of reclaimed wood, they are buying the lumber for its implicit purpose – hardwood flooring, paneling, shelving etc, however, they are also buying a product for its meta traits. Ask yourself the following questions when trying to determine a piece of wood’s meta traits:

    • Where did the wood come from?
    • What was it used for?
    • How old is it?
    • Why was it being taken down?

Salvaged materials come with history.